Slip, Trip & Fall Compensation Claims

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Have you been injured in a trip, fall or slip anywhere?

Such accidents are often viewed as trivial, sometimes embarrassing at the time for those involved  who may want to simply forget it happened but the reality is that these accidents can cause a great amount of discomfort and injury such as twisted ankles, broken bones and sometimes more serious injury. If you are injured, then you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Accidents in Public Places

If you slipped on a pool of water inside a building which you were visiting such as a theatre, restaurant or bank and you sustain an injury then a claim can be brought against the occupier’s public liability insurer. It is legal requirement that shops and public premises must be safe for visitors and meet with the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act.

Case Study: We obtained compensation for an 11yr old child who suffered a broken arm due to lack of adequate supervision in a wall climbing incident at Surrey Sports Park.

Accidents on Local Authority venues

If the accident occurred on council owned property including rented accommodation or public footways then you may be able to make a claim against the local authority.  If the accident was due to their negligence.  It is a legal requirement that highways must be maintained.

Accidents at Work

If you trip over a cable or as happened in one particularly unusual case, a tennis ball left by the owner who liked to bring his dog into work, and sustain injury then you could make a claim for compensation against your employer’s liability insurers.

Slips and trips are not limited to hazardous professions like construction or industrial work. They can occur in any workplace and as a result, employers are under a duty to take precautions against such risks.

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