Slip, Trip & Fall Compensation Claims

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Have you been injured in a trip, fall or slip anywhere?

Such accidents are often viewed as trivial, sometimes embarrassing at the time for those involved who may want to simply forget it happened but the reality is that these accidents can cause a great amount of discomfort and injury such as twisted ankles, broken bones and sometimes more serious injury.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall, then you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim. This can give you the funds to properly support your recovery, including paying for private medical treatment and care support, as well as buying specialist equipment and funding home adaptations. Compensation can also be used to replace lost income and cover lost income if you have to take time off work.

Our personal injury lawyers work with people all over England and Wales from our 3 offices spread across Hampshire and Surrey, in Ash Vale, Farnborough and Fleet. We can provide the clear legal guidance and sympathetic support you need to make the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible, so you get the compensation you need faster.

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Who can successfully sue for a slip trip or fall accident?

There are various circumstances where you may be eligible to claim compensation following a slip, trip or fall. Our personal injury lawyers will be happy to advise you on whether you are likely to have grounds for a claim and guide you through the whole claims process.

In general, you may be entitled to compensation if:

  1. Your accident happened in a location where another person or organisation has a duty of care to provide a safe environment.
  2. This party failed in that duty of care due to negligence.
  3. The cause of your accident was directly related to that failure.
  4. Your accident left you with injuries (physical and/or psychological) that have had a negative impact on your life.

What types of slip trip or fall accidents can I make a compensation claim for?

The following are some common examples of types of slip, trip and fall claims you may be able to claim compensation for.

Accidents in Public Places

If you slipped on a pool of water inside a building which you were visiting such as a theatre, restaurant or bank and you sustain an injury then a claim can be brought against the occupier’s public liability insurer. It is legal requirement that shops and public premises must be safe for visitors and meet with the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act.

Case Study: We obtained compensation for an 11yr old child who suffered a broken arm due to lack of adequate supervision in a wall climbing incident at Surrey Sports Park.

Accidents on Local Authority venues

If the accident occurred on council owned property including rented accommodation or public footways, then you may be able to make a claim against the local authority if the accident was due to their negligence. It is a legal requirement that highways must be maintained.

Accidents at Work

If you trip over a cable or as happened in one particularly unusual case, a tennis ball left by the owner who liked to bring his dog into work, and sustain an injury then you could make a claim for compensation against your employer’s liability insurers.

Slips and trips are not limited to hazardous professions like construction or industrial work. They can occur in any workplace and as a result, employers are under a duty to take precautions against such risks.

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How much is a slip, trip or fall claim worth?

We recognise that the potential value of your claim is an important consideration when deciding how to move forward. Ultimately, this will be determined based on seriousness of your injuries and their impact on your life.

The damages for a slip, trip or fall claim can cover your financial losses, such as treatment costs and lost income, as well as expected future financial losses, such as having to give up work. They can also cover non-financial losses, such as pain, suffering, and lifestyle changes.

For a general indication of how much your slip, trip or fall claim may be worth, please take a look at our handy claims valuation tool.

Time limits for slip, trip and fall compensation claims

The standard time limit for a personal injury claim is 3 years from the date of your accident.

If you need to claim for someone who lacks the mental capacity to make a claim, there is usually no time limit to claim.

Funding for slip, trip and fall claims

We offer conditional fee agreements, commonly referred to as ‘no win, no fee’ for slip, trip and fall claims. This means you do not need to pay us anything up front to start a claim.

With a no win, no fee slip, trip or fall claim, you will only need to pay our legal fees if we secure compensation for you. Our fees will be based on a percentage of the damages, so you will always keep the majority of your compensation.

Personal injury claims FAQs

Feeling confused or uncertain about claiming compensation for a slip, trip or fall? We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on our personal injury claims page.

Why use Wheelers Solicitors for your slip, trip or fall claim

Our personal injury lawyers are highly experienced with all types of slip, trip and fall claims, including everything from straightforward, low value claims to the most complex and high value claims.

We can guarantee you the personal attention of a qualified solicitor for your claim, so you can have confidence that you are receiving the very best legal advice every step of the way.

Thanks to our many years of experience handling personal injury claims under even the most challenging circumstances, we can ensure every detail is correctly taken care of, so your claim can go ahead as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our team are highly skilled in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), so we can almost always resolve slip, trip and fall claims out of court through a voluntary settlement. This generally makes the process much easier on you and can help you to get compensation faster and with lower legal fees.

However, our team are also very experienced in representing clients in court, so where court proceedings are required, we can offer the very best support and representation.

Wheelers Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) providing assurance that we continually meet the highest legal standards.

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