Accident at Work Compensation Claims

helped my rebuild my life since the accident

We have experience in acting successfully on a whole range of accidents at work including:-

  • Injuries from heavy or repetitive lifting or manual handling
  • Slips or Trips usually from walking on uneven, slippery or dangerous surfaces
  • Injuries sustained in the building industry
  • Accidents caused by lack of safety equipment
  • Injuries sustained in the health services and care homes
  • Injury from using dangerous or defective work equipment
  • Falls from working at height
  • Employees attacked or assaulted by members of the Public, patients or customers

All employers owe their employees a duty of care

If your employer is in breach of this duty by, for example, failing to provide proper health and safety training to you or a colleague, or failing to provide suitable and effective tools and equipment as a result of which you sustain an injury through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation.

Unlike may Personal Injury firms who tend to delegate much of the work involved in a claim to inexperienced or poorly qualified “Paralegals”, “litigation Executives” or “Case Handlers” we guarantee that the person with day to conduct of your case will be a fully qualified and experienced solicitor specialising in personal injury claims. Together our solicitors have many  years experience of successfully  winning compensation for victims of accidents at work covering virtually every type of workplace and  injury.

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