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Fixed fee divorce

Our costs for a straightforward undefended divorce (almost all divorces proceed undefended) will generally be a fixed fee of £850 plus VAT of £170 and the court fee of £550.

In all other cases, including those involving financial and children matters, at the outset of the matter we will give you an indication of the level of costs likely to be involved and details of relevant charging rates.

Separation – On the breakdown of a marital relationship, some couples may prefer not to proceed with a divorce either at that time or at all. We can advise on the terms of a separation agreement or, if appropriate obtaining a judicial separation to ensure you are properly protected.

Divorce - If you would prefer to obtain a divorce, there are many issues that need to be considered to ensure it is right for you and you are supported. Our specialist family team will advise you on the timing and grounds of your divorce and progress matters through to decree absolute on your behalf at this difficult time.  In most cases this can be done for a fixed fee.

Finances – On the breakdown of a marital relationship or civil partnership, the main difficulty can often be agreeing a fair division of the assets and, where appropriate, adequate and ongoing maintenance for one or other party and/or the children. Such matters can be made more difficult in marital breakdown by a claim by one spouse against the other's pension fund. In addition to providing advice so that you understand what you are entitled to, we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf or, if unavoidable, prepare your case for court.

Children – Children are always a paramount consideration upon the breakdown of a relationship. You may need help to assess the present and future needs of your children both in financial terms and in relation to residence or contact and parental responsibility. We can help with discussions which might be too emotive to discuss with each other.

Family injunctions – You may have experienced problems in the home or suffered violence or harassment. If so, we can confidentially discuss matters to help try to resolve those difficulties and, where required, invoke the protection of the court to secure your safety and, if necessary, that of your children.

Further information

Our solicitors are members of Resolution which aims to deal with family matters in a non-confrontational way. Contact Deborah Prance (Solicitor and Resolution trained Mediator) on 01252 316316 for further information, or to arrange a meeting.

Before We Meet

For some FAQ'S on marriage breakdown and assets please see here.