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The breakdown of a relationship whether within or outside of marriage can be a stressful and traumatic experience, especially where children are involved. Add to this the fact that there are invariably a number of legal and financial issues that need resolving and it is clear why it is wise to consult a specialist matrimonial and family lawyer to help you understand your rights, support you through the process and protect your interests.

We have a specialist team of family lawyers in Ash Vale, Farnborough or Fleet offering a friendly, professional and efficient legal service. We provide clear and constructive advice so that you can make the right choices with a full understanding of the implications and costs involved.

We promote negotiation and early settlement wherever possible, but have the experience and expertise to guide you through the court process if necessary. We are also able to offer mediation to try to resolve financial and children matters amicably outside of a court, where both parties are willing.

Our family lawyers can help you with a range of matrimonial and family law matters including:

Speak to a member of our family law team today by calling 01252 316316 or use the enquiry form on the right to ask a question and we will get back to you promptly.

Our family law service

Out of hours appointments by arrangement

Fixed fee divorce

Our costs for a straightforward undefended divorce (almost all divorces proceed undefended) will generally be a fixed fee of £850 plus VAT of £170 and the court fee of £550.

In all other cases, we will give you details of relevant charging rates and an indication of the level of costs likely to be involved at the outset of the matter.

“Pay as you go service”

If you  are working with a very tight  budget  and are willing  to do as much as you can yourself, you could consider instructing  us to advise and assist only as and when you need to rather than using our full service, . If you would like to know more about how this “Pay as you go” service works, please enquire during your initial interview.

Our legal expertise for divorce and family law

Fixed fee Divorce or annulment

For straightforward, undefended divorces, we offer a fixed fee service of £850 plus VAT of £170 and the court fee of £550.

This covers the divorce proceedings required to legally end your marriage. Our services for financial settlements and arrangements for children are charged at a pre-agreed hourly rate but we will provide an estimate of the total cost at the outset.


Our divorce lawyers can help with all aspects of family separation whether or not you are married including separation agreements, divorce proceedings, financial settlements, arrangements for children and family injunctions.

Family mediation

We provide a specialist impartial family mediation service to help separating couples quickly and cost-effectively find answers to any issues that need to be resolved, such as how to divide their finances or where their children will live.

Cohabitation agreements

If you and your partner are planning to live together without marrying or entering a civil partnership, we can help you create a cohabitation agreement to protect your long-term interests. This can cover key issues, such as what will happen to your home if your separate

Pre-nuptial agreements

With many couples now having significant assets when they marry, a pre-nuptial agreement can be valuable in helping you preserve these if your marriage later ends in divorce. We can help you create a pre-nup that meets the legal standard required to be considered by a judge during divorce proceedings, giving you peace of mind for the future.

Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages

We have extensive specialist expertise in the area of civil partnerships and same sex marriages. This includes creating pre-registration agreements, which are the equivalent of pre-nuptial agreements for civil partnerships, and navigating the slightly different rules for dissolving a civil partnership versus divorce.

Child Arrangement Orders and Parental Responsibility

When you and your ex-partner have children together, we can help you make arrangements for your children, as well as resolving issues such as who has parental responsibility for your children.

In most cases, these issues can be resolved amicably through family mediation and other non-confrontational approaches, but we also have strong practical experience in dealing with these matters through the courts where required.

Financial settlements on divorce, annulment or breakdown of cohabitation

Financial settlements can be straightforward or much more complicated, especially where there are issues such as investments and pension entitlements to consider. We can provide clear, practical advice and support to help you and your ex-partner reach an agreed settlement wherever possible or represent you in  court proceedings or another dispute resolution process if needed to ensure a fair outcome.

Separation agreements

Separation agreements can be used where you are not yet ready or do not wish to divorce or dissolve a civil partnership but wish to formalise the financial and other arrangements including those relating to any children. They can also be used where you have no yet been married for a year, so are not yet eligible for divorce.

Injunctions preventing Domestic Violence and Abuse

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, there are various legal measures we can use to protect you and your children. This includes non-molestation orders to prevent your abuser threatening, harassing or intimidating you and occupation orders, forcing your abuser to leave your family home.

Where required, we can take fast action to get these important protections in place, helping to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Taking children abroad

If you wish to go on holiday or move abroad with your children following divorce or separation, you will usually need the permission of their other parent to do so. If you need to take your children out of the UK and your ex-partner refuses permission, we may be able to apply for a court order to give you the legal right to do so, depending on the circumstances.

If you are worried that your former partner may attempt to take your children abroad without your permission, we can apply for a prohibited steps order to prevent them being able to do so, protecting your family and your relationship with your children.

Divorce FAQs

For some FAQ's on marriage breakdown and assets please see here.

Why choose Wheelers Solicitors for family and matrimonial law?

Wheelers’ family lawyers have been helping clients in Surrey, Hampshire and beyond with all aspects of divorce, matrimonial and family law since 1978. We understand how sensitive these matters can be, so offer a friendly, empathetic service designed to make finding the right way forward as simple and stress-free as possible.

All of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, an organisation that aims to promote dealing with family matters in a non-confrontational way, reflecting our expertise in alternative family dispute resolution.

We are accredited by the Law Society for Family Law in recognition of the particular strength of our legal practice in this area. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) providing assurance that we continually meet the highest legal standards.

Get in touch with our family lawyers in Surrey and Hampshire

For expert assistance with divorce or any area of matrimonial or family law, please contact one of the following family law experts:

Deborah Prance (Solicitor and Resolution trained Mediator)

You can also call us on 01252 316316 or contact your local Wheelers Solicitors’ office in Ash Vale, Farnborough or Fleet for further information or to arrange a meeting.

If you are looking for legal advice from our family law team, we offer a one hour initial consultation at a fixed fee of £200 plus VAT. This gives you the opportunity to meet us and get a feel for the service that we offer, whilst discussing your circumstances and the options you’ll have should you wish to proceed. We can then offer some initial advice and information on the likely costs involved. Should you go on to instruct us, the fixed fee of £200 will then be credited against your first invoice.

To arrange your one hour initial consultation, please call 01252 590241 to speak to a member of our family law team.

Alternatively, if you are ready to make a start you can use the Morrisons Group online family law platform to get started with your enquiry, which will ensure our specialist team have the full picture of your circumstances when they contact you.