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Disciplinary or Grievance Hearing? Need Support?

Disciplinary and grievance meetings can be stressful and for this reason you may not always present your case as well as you would like. Under pressure it is often difficult to think of the appropriate questions to ask.

At a formal meeting every individual has a statutory right to be accompanied and we advise that you exercise this right. Often the Company will only allow a work colleague or a trade union representative as a companion but sometimes they will allow an external independent advisor. An independent HR advisor can support throughout what can be a daunting process.

Before the hearing

This isn’t just about “winning” a case but about preparing thoroughly and providing the best possible account of yourself and your case. An HR advisor will:

  • meet with you and read through all the evidence and documentation
  • discuss your case with you to understand your position and key points
  • advise you on how the formal meeting should be run and discuss possible outcomes
  • identify anything that may need clarification, information or further investigation
  • clarify any mitigating circumstances
  • advise you on how you might approach the meeting and prepare you for questions that might be asked
  • prepare questions to be asked at the meeting

At the hearing

Emotions can often get the better of individuals during these situations, but an HR advisor will accompany you to the meeting (if permitted) to support and encourage you to ensure that your case is presented as constructively and coherently as possible including:

  • stating and summarising your case
  • asking relevant questions on your behalf
  • conferring with you during the meeting

After the hearing

 An advisor will:

  • debrief you on how the meeting went;
  • discuss the outcome with you and what it means
  • advise you on next steps (this and other step will be in conjunction with the Wheelers’ employment team if necessary)

Employment solicitors

If you would like further information, please contact a member of our employment team.