TUPE Law - Advice for Employees

Explained to me in language I could understand

When a business changes hands it can be a worrying time for employees. The TUPE regulations are meant to assist but continues to be a source of confusion and complication.


If your employer’s business is transferring you may be worried that:

  • you are not being kept up-to-date or consulted with
  • changes are being made to your working practices or contract (before or after the transfer)
  • you are being dismissed, forced to transfer, or stay behind, unfairly
  • there is some confusion about your rights

When does TUPE apply?

TUPE is designed to ensure that employees working in a business that transfers are treated in a similar way to those working in a company that is sold.

TUPE applies where there is one of two types of "relevant transfer":

  • A "business transfer" (usually a change of owner for part or all of a business);
  • A change in service provider (for example engaging a contractor to do the work on its behalf, reassigning such a contract or bringing the work in-house).

Employment solicitors

If you would like further information, please contact Mel McCrum or Stacey Edgley. They are all members of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Also see our TUPE transfers checklist.