Employment Lawyers

Our employment lawyers have a wealth of experience and all are members of the Employment Lawyers Association.

We take pride in delivering a friendly and effective service to you.  Below are some comments from our clients:

  • “Bloody good service!” S Bellew
  • “You made a difficult period of my life much easier” Miss C
  • “Utmost efficiency, tact and care” D Watts
  • “Easy for me to understand” Bob Stevens
  • “Secured an excellent package for me, a quality service delivered by a real expert – simply the best” E.A.P
  • “The strength to deal with my employers on an equal basis” Mrs H
  • “We could not have done it without you” Mrs and Miss B
  • “Made to feel I was an individual worthy of time and assistance” P Newton
  • “Understanding, efficient, and very kind” C Anderson
  • “Personable and approachable” Miss R
  • “A very worthwhile result on my behalf”  L Bartlet
  • “Very professional at all times even going so far as explaining how not to run up costs” I Selby
  • “Explained to me in language I could understand” M Quilter
  • “Warm, friendly manner and extreme compassion” J Porter
  • “Calm, confident and understood my situation – blooming brilliant!” Miss R
  • “Exceeded my expectations in all areas” Miss S
  • “I felt very safe through an unusual process” N Irving
  • “Highly efficient, knowledgeable and provided a welcome empathy” Miss S N
  • “Value for money” R Hadfield
  • “Minimised the time and cost for me, seamlessly processing all issues” Mr L T
  • “Clear, concise and knowledgeable advice enabling me to successfully negotiate” Miss S P
  • “Showed kindness and compassion during a very stressful period” B R
  • “Clear and easy to understand” D H
  • “Excellent service from start to completion” A B
  • “Thoroughness of the advice and detailed options available to me was outstanding” Mr V
  • “Personable, added reassurance and calmness” C B

Employment solicitors

If you would like further information, please contact Reena Sharma or Stacey Edgley at our Farnborough office or Mel McCrum at our Ash Vale office. They are all members of the Employment Lawyers Association.