Harassment & Bullying in the Workplace

Warm, friendly manner and extreme compassion

If you feel that you are being bullied then in most cases you need to raise a grievance in the first instance.  If possible you should also keep a diary of all the acts of bullying.

The Acas Code of Practice (ACAS Code) was introduced in 2009 to replace statutory grievance procedures. Employers are required to follow the Code in in instances where you raise a grievance or complaint about bullying.  If an employer fails to adhere to the ACAS code an Employment Tribunal has the power to increase the compensation awarded in the event of a successful claim by up to a further 25%.

How should grievances be handled?

  • Your grievance should be raised in writing
  • The business should hold a meeting with you and investigate the complaint
  • You can bring a companion to the meetings
  • The employer should notify you in writing of the outcome
  • You have a right of appeal

We can assist further with how to raise and pursue your grievance effectively.  If that is not possible then we will discuss with you your other options, including negotiating a settlement or bringing a Tribunal claim.

Please click here for the ACAS Code and Guidance.

Employment solicitors

If you would like further information, please contact Reena Sharma or Stacey Edgley at our Farnborough office or Mel McCrum at our Ash Vale office. They are all members of the Employment Lawyers Association.