Complaints Procedure

Our complaints policy

We are committed to providing a first class legal service to all our clients. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong, and when this happens we need you to tell us about it to help us maintain our high standards and enable us to respond to your concerns. If you have a complaint, please contact us (preferably in writing) with the details.

What will happen next?

1. On receipt of your complaint we will record it on a central folder for compliance purposes.

2. We will then send you a letter acknowledging your complaint which may also invite you to confirm or expand on the details already received. The letter will also let you know the name of the person who will be dealing with your complaint who is likely to be James Palmer or Mel McCrum. You can expect to receive our letter within seven days of our receiving your complaint.

3. We will then start to investigate your complaint. This will normally involve the following steps:

  • We will pass your complaint to James Palmer, our Client Care Partner or, if he is unavailable, Mel McCrum, within three working days of receiving it.
  • He will ask the member of staff who acted for you to comment fully on your complaint and to pass the case file to him within 5 working days of being required to do so
  • He will then examine their reply and the information in your case file, and may also discuss your complaint with them, within 3 working days of receiving their reply and the file

4. Mr Palmer or Mr McCrum will then contact you and if appropriate invite you to a meeting and hopefully resolve your complaint, within 21 calendar days of receiving your original complaint or (where appropriate) within 21 days of receipt of any additional information requested by us in the letter referred to in clause 2 above.

5. Where a meeting is required Mr Palmer or Mr McCrum will write to you within 3 working days of that meeting confirming the discussion and any solutions agreed with you. If a meeting is not appropriate, or you do not want one, Mr Palmer or Mr McCrum will send you a detailed reply to your complaint including his suggestions for resolving the matter, within 5 working days of completing the investigation

6. If you are still not satisfied at this stage, you should contact us again. We will then arrange for another partner of the firm to review the original decision within 10 working days.

7. If, 8 weeks after making your complaint, we have not dealt with it to your satisfaction, you may have the right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (, P.O. Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ Tel: 0121 245 3050). Such a complaint should be made within a year of the act or omission complained of or, if later, one year from the date you should reasonably have known there was cause for complaint without taking advice from a third party. This right is available to individuals; micro-enterprises (as defined in European Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003); charities with an annual income less than £1 million; clubs, associations or societies with an annual income less than £1 million or personal representatives, or the residuary beneficiaries, of an estate ·  On receipt of your complaint we will record it on a central folder for compliance purposes.where a person with a complaint died before referring it to the Legal Ombudsman.

Alternative complaints bodies (Ombudsman Services, ProMediate, Small Claims Mediation and the European Online Dispute Resolution platform) exist which are able to deal with complaints about legal services.

The details of these can be found at: