Redundancy Procedures & the Law

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A genuine redundancy can be a fair reason to dismiss providing a fair procedure is also followed. We can assist with what can be a daunting situation for an employer who may be concerned about claims which might flow from changes in the workforce.

What is a redundancy?

A redundancy can arise where:

  • there is a reduction in the size of the workforce
  • there is a change in the profile of the workforce
  • the place of work is closed
  • the business as a whole is closed

The key to a fair redundancy procedure includes:

  • early and detailed consultation (with appropriate representatives depending on numbers involved)
  • correct identification of pools
  • a fair selection criteria chosen and applied
  • considering suitable alternative work
  • dealing with those on maternity leave as per their rights

We can guide you through the procedure you need to follow and how to limit potential unfair dismissal claims arising from those employees selected to leave.

In addition to any contractual payments, including notice and holiday pay, employees are also entitled to a redundancy payment. See our free redundancy calculator here.

Legal Briefings

We also have easy to follow guidance on this and a range of topics for employers here.

Employment solicitors

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