Protect Your Business

Never loses sight of the commercial pressures managers and businesses face

At the beginning

Most businesses find that problems arise where there is a difference in the understanding of expectations. Where these are not recorded it makes it more difficult for the employer to address them in subsequent disciplinary or performance discussions.

If you can get suitable Contracts and Policies in place from the beginning, this will make a big difference in managing your employees, setting those expectations and enforcing obligations both during and following the termination of any employment.

Day to day

We support you. Most of the time our clients find a quick call or email is sufficient reassurance or to begin a discussion about what to do next.  Our reputation for being approachable and pragmatic is well deserved and in employment law that is key.

We can help with tricky issues including :

  • excessive or repeated absences;
  • putting into place contracts and policies;
  • raising allegations of misconduct or poor performance;
  • responding to complaints of bullying or discrimination;
  • managing redundancies

If you need help then please get in touch.

Added extras for clients

As a client of ours you also benefit from:

  • updates and seminars;
  • access to Wheelers HR Support Services.

At the end

In order to minimise the financial and reputational costs to your business, you will want to ensure your confidential information and business relationships with clients and suppliers are protected after the employee leaves. If a Contract of employment is in place with appropriately drafted restrictive covenants, including intellectual property and confidentiality clauses, we can assist in enforcing these.

If any employment situation becomes litigious we can also represent you and support you through that process, including trying to reach a settlement (where appropriate) as soon as possible.