Grievance Procedures

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Employee grievances can be challenging for any business to deal with, with the potential to cost you time, money and a lot of stress. However, they must be dealt with effectively and in compliance with the Acas Code of Practice or you could find yourself facing an Employment Tribunal and the possibility of having to pay substantial compensation.

It is therefore essential for any business to have well established procedures for dealing with workplace grievances to ensure you can deal with any such issues in a legally compliant way. If a grievance has been raised, it is also highly advisable to seek expert legal guidance at the earliest opportunity to help you find a positive resolution quickly and cost-effectively.

How Wheelers Solicitors can help your business with workplace grievances

Our highly experienced employment lawyers can guide you through all aspects of dealing with grievances effectively. This includes helping you to create appropriate grievance procedures and guiding you through the process of handling a grievance that has been raised by an employee.

We will discuss your options with you and help you find a positive solution wherever possible, including negotiating a settlement where it may be better for both parties to part as amicably as possible. This would usually include a Settlement Agreement to prevent further proceedings.  We can also support you in defending a Tribunal claim and managing any appeals that arise in relation to a grievance.

To find out more about how we can help you with workplace grievances and grievance procedures, please contact Reena Sharma  at our Farnborough office or Mel McCrum or Stacey Edgley at our Ash Vale office.

What procedures should be followed in the event of a workplace grievance?

If an employee raises a grievance, it is crucial that you follow the correct procedures to protect yourself and your business. Failing to take the right action promptly could strengthen any claim the employee brings against you to an Employment Tribunal and could result in a tribunal increasing the amount of compensation you are required to pay.

How should grievances be handled?

Where a workplace grievance has been raised, it is important to bear in mind the following key points:

  • The employee’s complaint should be treated as urgent!
  • The grievance should be raised in writing
  • The business should hold a meeting with the complainant and then  investigate the complaint
  • You should notify the employee in writing of the outcome
  • You must notify the employee that they have a right of appeal or they are unhappy with the outcome of the grievance procedures

Following the Acas Code of Practice for dealing with employee grievances

Employers are required to follow the Acas Code of Practice (ACAS Code) in grievance procedures where employees raise a concern about work.  If an employer fails to adhere to the ACAS code an Employment Tribunal has the power to increase the compensation awarded in the event of a successful claim by up to a further 25%.

Please click here for the ACAS Code and Guidance.

Our employment lawyers have many years of experience guiding employers through the Acas Code of Practice for dealing with employee grievances, so can help ensure your business meets its obligations under the Code.

Our expertise with grievance procedures and employment law

Our employment law team consists of a number of highly experienced lawyers, including

Reena Sharma  at our Farnborough office and Mel McCrum and Stacey Edgley  at our Ash Vale office. All are members of the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) reflecting their specialist expertise in this challenging area of law.

We provide day-to-day HR support, as well as advice on a range of contentious and non-contentious employment issues, such as dealing with employee grievances, settlement agreements and Employment Tribunal claims.

Get in touch with our employment solicitors in Farnborough and Ash Vale

If you would like further information on creating grievance procedures or advice on dealing with an existing grievance, please contact our expert team of employment lawyers in Farnborough and Ash Vale now.

If you would like further information, please contact Mel McCrum or Stacey Edgley. They are all members of the Employment Lawyers Association.