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An employment contract enhances the very basic terms which the employer is legally required to provide in writing to the employee in what is known as a section 1 statement.

Ideally, a clear and comprehensive contract of employment allows the employer to better manage the relationship between them and an employee by setting out its requirements and expectations. Click here for details our Fixed Price Contract.

Additional clauses for inclusion in a contract of employment might include:

  • Allowances for the employer to vary the duties or place of work
  • Confidentiality restrictions during and after termination of employment
  • Enhanced disciplinary sanctions including demotion and pay reduction
  • Financial incentives such as bonuses and commission or benefits in kind e.g. pension, or health insurance.
  • Holiday provisions including notice, timing, and making deductions from salary if the employee exceeds their entitlement
  • Incapacity provisions (notice of absence, on-going reporting requirements, requirement to attend a medical practitioner and share the report and recovery of personal injury damages to prevent double recoupment)
  • Notice provisions (to include payment in lieu of notice, garden leave, and option to compel  employee to use untaken holiday during notice period)
  • Probationary periods
  • Provision to allow an employer to deduct any monies owed from salary (without which an employer is prevented from doing so) e.g. training costs
  • Restrictions on working for a competitor/client during and after termination of employment
  • Rules regarding company property use and returning the same

A contract is intended to protect the employer, meet its commercial needs and ensure both parties have a better understanding of what is expected.

Directors and senior management would usually have a service agreement which includes additional duties and responsibilities.

A Handbook or at least a handful of key policies are also recommended to cover other important areas.

Fixed Price Contract

We offer a Fixed Price Standard Employment Contract. Whilst this is not designed for senior management and directors, it is a comprehensive contract. You will also receive explanatory notes for the Contract along with detailed Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures and accompanying guidance.

The cost for all of these documents is just £495 plus VAT.

If you would like us to draft such a Contract, to receive a copy please contact Reena Sharma at reena.sharma@wheelerslaw.co.uk or on 01252 367517.

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