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Employment law continues to grow and change rapidly. This increase, coupled with greater awareness and willingness amongst employees to seek legal advice and enforce those rights, has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of claims in recent years. Find out where your options lie by reading our employment law guide.

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We adopt a proactive approach with a view to minimising or avoiding problems (and costs) by regularly updating clients whether at employment law seminars or by means of our various e-newsletters on changes to the law which may affect your business and its employees.

Please click here to view some of our recent blogs including those on issues and developments affecting Employers in Employment Law.  

We can help protect your business with advice, representation and the provision of correspondence and documentation for your use in areas including:

Wheelers HR Support

We also provide Wheelers Employment HR Services, outsourced HR services.

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With day to day matters we have a fast-response service and you will usually be able to speak to us immediately or within a few hours.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential business clients on a ‘no obligation’ basis so as to discuss your requirements and explain ways in which we can assist.

We can also offer support at the same time as your current providers of legal advice so that you can see the distinction in our service.

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Employment solicitors

If you would like further information, please contact a member of our employment team. View our guide to employment law for more details.