Aviation Law

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Of all the specialised areas of legal work we undertake, aviation law requires a particularly high level of expertise and experience. The everyday commercial realities for businesses involved in the aviation world can involve complex legal issues often governed by sophisticated agreements involving numerous parties sometimes operating in several different jurisdictions.

Due to the location of our Farnborough office, next to one of the world’s most successful and busy business airports, we are ideally situated to advise businesses with aviation law interests.

Through experience we have developed specialised knowledge of the legal needs of businesses involved in the operation of airports, running aircraft management and charter companies together with a variety of other aviation maintenance and support businesses. The emphasis of our aviation law department is to give advice on complex agreements involving for instance the use, operation and maintenance of aircraft. We also have experience of advising and representing clients in complex dispute resolution and pursuing remedies such as enforcement of aircraft liens and detention rights.

We are able to advise on legal issues in multiple jurisdictions and have strong connections with attorneys and lawyers in the United States and Europe allowing us to assemble a team of specialist advisors with local expertise.

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