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Jonathan Jacobs

Inheritance Matters

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It is important for everyone to have a Will. By making a Will you exercise choice over who administers your estate after your death (your Executor) and to whom your assets pass (your Beneficiary/ies). If you die without a Will, then your...

New Year, new resolutions, new Will?

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With 2018 over, is it really time to plan for 2019? Most of us have New Year resolutions; less eating, less drinking, more (or some) exercise, may be even a plan to tick some items off your bucket list . But is it also time to think about that...

D.I.Y Lasting Powers of Attorney

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The internet has changed the way we work and act in so many ways, including the opportunity to freely obtain information on legal issues. As always however it pays to be wary of the degree to which information or advice on the web is accurate, up to date, or...