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A Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

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1. What is a prenuptial agreement? Prenuptial agreements are formal agreements entered into by a couple prior to their marriage, the main aim of which is to make provision for how their finances should be distributed should they divorce...

Warning to cohabitees!

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Now that the Supreme Court has decided that heterosexual couples should be able to enter civil partnerships, there will at least be another option for those who do not wish to marry. However, the reality is that many couples will continue to live together...

No Fault Divorce?

  • Posted

It is a commonly held view that if both parties in a marriage have formed the view that their marriage is over, they can proceed with a divorce on the basis of “irreconcilable differences”, with no blame being attached to either party....

Cohabitees Beware

  • Posted

The number of unmarried couples living together has more than doubled from 1.5 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2017 and is now the fastest growing family type. Unfortunately, the law has not caught up with the times and you could be at risk if the...

A child is for life - not just for Christmas

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Christmas is traditionally a time for families to come together, however for many separated parents and children it can be a difficult time. However, with some forward planning and cooperation between the parents, these issues can be resolved to ensure...

Why consider family mediation following a relationship breakdown

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The breakdown of a relationship is difficult and stressful enough as it is without the parties having to cope with possible court proceedings to sort out the financial and other arrangements going forward. Following the withdrawal of Legal Aid for most...