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Andrew Kingston

Spousal Maintenance - a "meal ticket for life"?

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Following a divorce, a spouse may be required to pay their former spouse maintenance, normally on a monthly basis, if they are unable to meet their day-to-day outgoings without it. There is no set formula for the calculation of spousal maintenance...

The Treatment of Pensions as Marital Assets on Divorce

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Age UK has recently warned that thousands of women going through divorce could be losing out on significant sums of money in retirement because they are unaware of a legal entitlement to their husband’s pension. Property and savings play a big part in...

Online Divorce? Beware!

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At the beginning of May, the Ministry of Justice launched its online divorce service nationwide enabling couples to apply for an uncontested divorce digitally without the need to fill in and file paper forms with the court. While it is a step forward...